Dr. Jianchuan CHENG

Professor, School of Transportation


2SiPaiLou, Nanjing,210096 P.R.China

Tel:+86 25 83790385




2002Ph.D.SoutheastUniversity (Transportation)

1994M.Eng.SoutheastUniversity (Transportation)

1985B.Sc.Nanjing Institute of Technology (CivilEngineering)


MajorResearch Interests:

Road safety and geometric design

Computer aided highway design and optimization

Intelligent transportation systems


Teaching and Graduate StudentsSupervised

Undergraduate Courses

EngineeringSurveying”, before 1994;

RoadSurveying and Design” and affiliated course design including 2-week fieldwork and 1-week office work

Courses for graduate students

ModernRoad Design-Principles and Practices”;

RoadSafety Design and Evaluation


Still now, 77 people got masterdegree under my supervision, and 2 got Ph.D under my co- supervision


Board Member, Road EngineeringCommittee of China HighwayEngineering Society, 2004-2010,

Board Member, Computer ApplicationCommittee of China HighwayEngineering Society, 2004-2010,

Member, China Association of GeographicInformation System (CAGIS), 1994-Present

Friend and Paper Reviewer, Transportation ResearchBoard Geometric Design Committee (AFB10), 2007-Present.

Friend and Paper Reviewer,Transportation Research Board Committee on Operational Effects of Geometrics(AHB65), 2007-Present.


Projects of Research and Teaching

1.Research of Reliability-based RoadGeometric Design and Its Safety Evaluation”, Sponsored by the Natural ScienceFoundation of China (Approved No. 51478115), 2015.1-2018.12

2.Safety-based Research on the HighwayMinimum Tangent Lengths”, Sponsored by the Natural Science Foundation of China(Approved No. 51078088), 2011.1-2013.12

3.“Out-of-Campus Practical TeachingBases’ Construction for Transportation Engineering”, Sponsored by the Jiangsu Department of Education,2009.7-2011.12

4.“Road Safety Audit for the K49-K53 Section of Nanjing-HangzhouExpressway in Existing Situations and After Safety Improvement Design”,Sponsored by the Jiangsu Nanjing-Hangzhou Expressway Co. Ltd., 2009.7-2010.8

5.Research on Human-oriented andEnvironment-friendly Early Stage Design for Highway Construction Projects”,Sponsored by the Zhejiang Department of Transportation, 2007.10-2010.8

6.“Integrated Remote Data Collection and AlarmSystem for Sparse Highway Network”, the National 863 Projects, Sponsored by the Ministry of Science andTechnology of China,2009.7-2010.12

7.Application Research of InteractiveHighway Safety Design Model(IHSDM)”, Sponsored by the Jiangsu Science and Technology Department,2008.7-2009.12

8.Research of Highway Alignment andSafety Design Based on Drivers’ Characteristics”, JiangsuNatural Science Foundation Project, Sponsored by the Jiangsu Science and Technology Department,2008.7-2010.12

9.Research on Standardization ofElectronic Files for Highway Surveying and Design”, Sponsored by the Jiangsu Department ofTransportation, 2007.7-2009.12

10.Research on Innovative Technology and Design for Nanjing-ChangzhouExpressway”, Sponsored by the JiangsuDepartment of Transportation, 2006.1-2008.12

11.Research on Safety-based High-gradeHighway Design”, Sponsored by the Anhui Department of Transportation, 2006-2008

12.Research and Development of GIS-basedNanjing Municipal Road Management System”, Sponsored by the Nanjing MunicipalEngineering Administration,2003-2005

13.“Researchon Typical Grade-Two Highways’ Pavements and Cross Sections for HenanProvince”,Sponsored by the HenanDepartment of Transportation, 2002-2004,

Software Development and Application:

During 1998~2006, My developed Advance Highway Computer Aided Design(AHCAD)System was a early integrated highway surveying and design software, takingleading position in digital terrain model(DTM) technique, got application byover 30 customers, and contributed to the development of highway computer aideddesign.


Selected Publications:

1.Lu Wang, Jian-chuan Cheng, Jie Chen. Safety-Based Improvement Measures and Simulation for the Longand Near-Maximum Slope of Expressways in Flat and Rolling Terrains of China [C].Proceedings of 14th COTA InternationalConference of Transportation Professionals (CICTP 2014) (American Society ofCivil Engineers (2014) 1759-1774). P1759-1774. Changsha, China. July, 2014.(EI)

2.SaidM. Easa, Jianchuan Cheng.Reliability Analysis of Minimum Pedestrian Green Interval forTraffic Signals[J]. Journal of Transportation Engineering.2013, 139(7), 651–659.

doi: 10.1061/(ASCE)TE.1943-5436.0000549(SCI)

3.Chen YangJianchuan Cheng. Calculation of Minimum Circular Radius of Road withoutTransition Curve Based on Reliability [J]. Journalof Highway and Transportation Research and Development201330(7):7-1 (inChinese)(CSCD)

4.EditorialDepartment(with Jianchuan Cheng,etc. involved)An Academic Research Summary on China Road Engineering:2013[J].China Journal of Highway and Transport201326(3):1-36(in Chinese)

5.Jian-chuan Cheng, Long-jian Jiang. Accuracy Comparison of Roadway Earthwork Computation between3D and 2D Methods [C]. Proceedings of 13th COTA InternationalConference of Transportation Professionals (CICTP 2013)(Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 96 ( 2013 ) 1277 –1285). P1277-1285. Shenzhen, China. August, 2013.


6.Rongjie ZhangJianchuan ChengJiuzhong Ling. Calculationof Highway Minimum Tangent Length [J]. Journalof Highway and Transportation Research and Development201229(3):39-44 (in Chinese)(CSCD)

7.Jian-chuan Cheng, Jin-jun Shi. Highway Horizontal Geometric Parameters Calculation fromImage Processing [C]. Proceedings of the11th International Conference of Chinese Transportation Professionals. p2451-2461. Nanjing, China. August,2011.

ASCE Conf. Proc.doi:10.1061/41186(421)246(EI)

8.Jianchuan Cheng, Hao Yuan, Guifang Shi, Xiaoming Huang.Revision of Calculation of Stopping Sight Distance[J]. Baltic Journal of Road and BridgeEngineering. 2011,6(2):96-101. doi:10.3846/bjrbe.2011.13(SCIEI)

9.Cheng Jian-chuan, Du Xiaoyu, ShiJinjun, etc.. Optimization of Superelevation Runoff Model for Cycling Track[J].Journal of CentralSouthUniversity of Technology.2011, 18(2):587-592.


10.Jianchuan Cheng, Junan Shen, Feipeng Xiao. Moisture Susceptibility of WarmMix Asphalt Mixtures Containing Nano-sized Hydrated Lime [J]. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering.2011,23(11):1552-1599.


11.Qian Guochao, Zhao Min,Zhang Jiankang, Chen Jingya, Cheng Jianchuan.Context Sensitive Design for Nanjing-Changzhou Expressway[C].Proceedingsof the 88th TRB Annual Meeting,TRB, Washington D.C,USA. 2009.

12.Cheng Jianchuan, Wang Zhijiang, etc..Design and TrafficOrganization for Ultra-wide Urban Street in China[C].Proceedingsof the 3rd Urban Street Symposium,TRB, Seattle,USA. 2007.

13.Cheng Jianchuan, Shi Guifang, YangShunxinStateof the Art Technology of the Highway Alignment Design in China[C].Proceedings ofthe 24th Annual SouthernAfrican Transport Conference, p 872-881, Pretoria, South Africa.2005(EI)

14.Cheng Jianchuan.3-Dimensional Calculation of Roadway Earthwork Volume[J]. Journal of SoutheastUniversity, 2005, 21(1):88-91.(EI)

15.Cheng Jianchuan, Wang Wei.Review of Roadway Geometric Design in China (Country Report) [C]. Proceedings of the 3rd InternationalSymposium on Highway Geometric Design,TRB, Chicago,USA. 2005.

16.Cheng Jianchuan, Han Yang, YeDan. Technique Realization for Trailing Sight Line in SimulatedVehicle Driving [J].Journal ofTraffic and Transportation Engineering, 2003,3(2):113-116(inChinese)


Selected Presentations

1.“3D Highway GeometricDesign and Safety Analysis”, Presented at the3rd China-Europe Workshop on Functional Pavement,Aachen,Germany. August 2014.

2.“Safety ImprovementMeasures for Freeway with Long and Nearly-Maximum Slope at Flat Terrain”,Presented at the 1stChina-Europe Workshop on Functional Pavement, Nanjing, China, September 2010.

3.“Research on theMinimum Tangent Length of Roadway”, Presented at the 4th International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design,TRB,Valencia, Spain. June 2010.

4.Lectures on ‘Technical Standards on Urban Road(draft)’”,Presented at over 10provincial capital and major cities in China for around 15 times during 2008-2009.

5.“Context SensitiveDesign for Nanjing-Changzhou Expressway”, Presented at the 88th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board,Washington, DC, January 2009.

6.“Design and TrafficOrganization for Ultra-wide Urban Street in China”, Presented at the 3rd Urban Street Symposium,TRB,Seattle,USA. July 2007.

7.State of the Art Technology of the HighwayAlignment Design in China”, Presented at the 24th Annual SouthernAfrican Transport Conference, Pretoria, South Africa. July 2005.

8.“Review of RoadwayGeometric Design in China (Country Report) ”, Presented at the 3rd International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design,TRB,Chicago,USA. July 2005.



OutstandingTeaching Award of Southeast University, The BaoSteel Excellent TeacherAward,2014

Grade-Two NationalTeaching Achievement Award,2014

Grade-One TeachingAchievement Award of Jiangsu Province, 2013

Grade-One TeachingAchievement Award of Jiangsu Province, 2011

Grade-Three Scienceand Technology Advancement Award of Jiangsu Province, 2010

Grade-Three Scienceand Technology Advancement Award of Henan Province, 2005

Grade-One Award forExcellent Teaching of Southeast University, 2003

Grade-Two Award forExcellent Teaching of Southeast University, 2001

Grade-Two Award forExcellent Teaching of Southeast University, 2000

Grade-Three Scienceand Technology Advancement Award of JiangsuProvince, 1999.




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