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English Curriculum Vitae


Guojun Cai, PhD., Associate Professor

2013 New Century Excellent Talents of China

2012 China's National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award Recipient

Institute of Geotechnical Engineering,

School of Transportation, Southeast University,

2 Si-pai-lou, Nanjing, 210096, P. R. China.

Tel: (86) 25-83795086; Fax: (86) 25-83795086

Cell phone: 86-13913911288




In Situ Testing (CPTU) and Site Characterization, Ground Improvement, Geoenvironmental Engineering


08/200808/2009, Visiting Research Scholar, The University of Texas at Arlington.

03/200503/2010, PhD., Geotechnical Engineering, Southeast University.

09/200103/2004, M.S., Geotechnical Engineering, Southeast University.

09/199707/2001, B.S., Geotechnical Engineering, Nanjing University of Technology.


April 2012–Current, Associate Professor, Southeast University, Nanjing, China

April 2010–April 2012, Assistant Professor, Southeast University, Nanjing, China

March 2004–March 2005, Assistant Engineer, Jiangsu Transportation Research Institute, Nanjing, China


Undergraduate Course Taught:

·          Soil Mechanics

Graduate Course Taught:

·          Soil Dynamics

·          Advanced In Situ Testing


Transportation Research Board, National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences,

Committee Member, AFP 20, Exploration and Classification of Earth Materials (April’2011 to Current)

Committee Member, AFS 20, Soils and Rock Instrumentation (April’2011 to Current)

Committee Member, AFP 10, Engineering Geology (September’2012 to Current)

Member, International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineers (ISSMGE)

Member, International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG)

Member, China Civil Engineering Society


ASCE Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering

ASCE Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering

Engineering Geology, Elsevier Publishers

TRB: Journal of the Transportation Research Board (Transportation Research Record)

ASTM Geotechnical Testing Journal

Chinese Journal of Geotechnical Engineering

ASCE Geotechnical Special Publications

Geotechnical and Geological Engineering


The Fourteenth Young Geological Science and Technology Award, 2013

New Century Excellent Talents of China, 2013

National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of China, 2012

Outstanding Young Teacher of Southeast University, 2012

Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Jiangsu Province, 2011

Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Southeast University, 2011

The First-Class Science and Technology Progress Award of Ministry of Education of China, 2010

The Third-Class Science and Technology Progress Award of Chinese Highway and Transportation Society, 2010

The Second-Class Science and Technology Progress Award of Nanjing City, 2010

Excellent Paper Award of Architectural Society of China, 2008-2010


Cai Guojun, Anand J Puppala, Liu Songyu. Characterization on the correlation between shear wave velocity and piezocone tip resistance of Jiangsu soft clays. Engineering Geology. 2014, Volumes 171, Pages 96-103. (SCI/EI)

Cai Guojun, Liu Songyu, Anand J Puppala. Liquefaction assessments using seismic piezocone penetration (SCPTU) test investigations in Tangshan region in ChinaSoil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. 2012, Volumes 41, Pages 141-150. (SCI/EI)

Cai Guojun, Liu Songyu, Anand J Puppala. Reliability Assessment of CPTU-Based Pile Capacity Predictions in Soft Clay DepositsEngineering Geology. 2012, Volumes 141–142, Pages 84-91. (SCI/EI)

Cai Guojun, Liu Songyu, Anand J Puppala, Tong LiyuanAssessment of the coefficient of lateral earth pressure at rest (Ko) from in situ seismic tests. ASTM Geotechnical Testing Journal. 2011, 34(4): 310-320. (SCI/EI)

Cai Guojun, Liu Songyu, Anand J Puppala, Comparison of CPT Charts for Soil Classification Using PCPT Data: Example from Clay Deposits in Jiangsu Province, ChinaEngineering Geology. 2011, 121(1-2): 89-96. (SCI/EI)

Cai Guojun, Liu Songyu, Tong Liyuan. Stabilization Effectiveness of Treatment with T-Shaped Deep-Mixing Column for Low-Volume Roads. Transportation Research Record: Journal of Transportation Research Board. 2011, No. 2204, pp. 114-119. (SCI/EI)

Cai Guojun, Liu Songyu, Tong Liyuan. Field evaluation of deformation characteristics of a lacustrine clay deposit using seismic piezocone testsEngineering Geology. 2010, 116(3-4): 251-260. (SCI/EI)

Cai Guojun, Liu Songyu, Tong Liyuan, Du GuangyinAssessment of direct CPT and CPTU methods for predicting the ultimate bearing capacity of single pilesEngineering Geology. 2009, 104(1-2): 211-222. (SCI/EI)


1.      GeoShanghai 2006, International Conference, Shanghai, China, 2006.6.6-8.

2.      ISC’3: The 3rd International Conference on Site Characterization- ISC’3. Taipei, China, 2008.4.1-4. (Oral Presentation).

3.      Transportation Research Board (TRB) 88th Annual Meeting, Washington DC. USA, 2009.1.15-18. (Oral Presentation).

4.      The 1st US-China Ground Improvement Workshop. Orlando, USA2009.3.14.

5.      International Foundation Congress & Equipment Expo, Orlando, USA, 2009.3.15-19. (Oral Presentation).

6.      Transportation Research Board (TRB) 89th Annual Meeting, Washington DC. USA, 2010.1.10-14. (Poster and Oral Presentation).

7.      The 2nd International Symposium on Cone Penetration Testing, CPT'10. Huntington Beach, USA. 2010.5.9-11. (2 Posters and 2 Oral Presentations).

8.      GeoShanghai 2010, International Conference, Shanghai, China, 2010.6.3-5. (Oral Presentation).

9.      The 1st Europe –China Workshop on the Capability of Penetration Tests in Geotechnical Research and Practice. University of Pisa, Italy. 2010.9.14-16. (Invited Lecture).

10.  Transportation Research Board (TRB) 90th Annual Meeting, Washington DC. USA, 2011.1.23-27. (Keynote Lecture).

11.  Geo-Frontiers 2011, Sheraton Dallas Hotel, Dallas, Texas USA, 2011.3.13-16. (Oral Presentation).

12.  TRB: The 10th International Conference on Low-Volume RoadsHilton - Walt Disney WorldLake Buena Vista, Orlando, Florida, USA, 2011.7.24-27. (Oral Presentation).

13.  ISC’4: the 4th International Conference on Geotechnical and Geophysical Site Characterization, Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco, Brazil, 2012.9.17-21. (1 Session Report and 2 Oral Presentations).

14.  IS-GeoTrans 2012: International Symposium on Geotechnical Engineering for High-speed Transportation Infrastructure, Hangzhou, China, 2012.10.26-28. (Oral Presentation).

15.  The 18th International Conference of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, Paris, France, 2013.9.2-6.

16.  The 9th Asian Regional Conference of IAEG, Beijing, China, 2013.9.23-25.


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