Cai Xianhua


Cai Xianhua

1. Personal Information

NameCai Xianhua

Date of Birth1963

MajorGIS & Cartography

Telephone 13913016809(M)

86-25-83795396 (O)

Address2#Sipailou, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China210096

2. Education and Work Background    

1982.9-1986.7 Wuhan Technical University of Surveying and mapping, B.A., Cartography

1986.7-1990.8 Nanjing Geology School, teacher

1990.9-1992.12 Nanjing Forest University, M.A. GIS

1992.12-2000.3 Nanjing Geology School,teacher

2001.9-2005.9 Southeast University,Ph.D., GIS-T

2000.4-   Professor & Head,Department of Geographic Information Engineering, Transportation College, Southeast University

3. Research Interests

Geographic Information System: development of GIS and GIS-T, time geography, spatial analysis

Cartography: Computer cartography, visualization

4. Awards and Honors

  1. 2006, The second Award for Science Development of the Ministry of Public Security

  2. 2007, The second Award for Nation Science Development

  3. 2008,The second Award for Jiangsu Province Science Development

5. Software Copyright

2007, Large Activities Traffic Management Simulation Software System”, Software copyright 2007SR05899

2010 FCD Processing System, Software copyright 2010SR064063

2010 GISTEngine, Software copyright 2010SR068192

6. Current & Recent Research Projects

1. 2002-2004, Development of Transportation Software for Intelligent Transportation, The 15th national scientific and technological project,(Project director

2. 2002-2005, A Study of Spatial database Management and Application Technology for Highway Traffic Information and Basic Geographic Informationscientific and technological project of Jiangsu transportation bureau,(Project director

32005, Research and Development of Traffic Management and Simulation System forthe “10th Game” scientific and technological project of the “10th Game” organizing committee,(Project director

42006-2010, Study of Traffic System Structure and Road Network grade configuration optimizationthe “973” national project,(sub-project director

5 20082010: Study of FCD processing theory and technology based on spatial-temporal Road Network natural science foundation of Jiangsu province,(Project director

62009 Research and Development of Traffic Management and Simulation System forthe “11th Game” scientific and technological project of Ji’nan public security bureau,(Project director

720092011 Visualization technology on Regional road network traffic safety remote command, Sub-projects in the National Science & Technology Pillar Program,(Project director

82010~2011Research and Development of Decision Support System Frame for Jiangsu Comprehensive transportation planning, Project director

92012Research and Development of Decision Support System for Jiangsu Comprehensive transportation planning(2012), Project director

102013,Research and Development of Decision Support System for Jiangsu Comprehensive transportation planning2013, Project director

7. Recent Publications

1.Cai Xianhua. Supporting of GIS Decision-Making and Its Application on ITS. Modern Surveying and Mapping, 2003.6,Vol 26,No 3.

2.Cai Xianhua. A Study of Varioscale-oriented Spatial Fundamental Data Structure Mode. Bulletin of Surveying and Mapping, 2003.10,Vol 319, No10.

3.Cai Xianhua, Zhang Yuan. Study of Vector Data Symbolization method Based on Vector-raster Technique. Journal of Southeast University (Natural Science Edition) , 2003.11Vol 33,No 6.

4.Cai Xianhua, Zheng Tiandong. A Study of DEM Data Compression and Its Algorithm. Bulletin of Surveying and Mapping, 2003.12,Vol 319, No2

5.Cai Xianhua. Study of Symbol Library Data Structure and Algorithm Based on Property Unit. Acta Geodaetica et Cartographica Sinica, 2004.9, Vol 33, No 3.

6.Tong Weiping, Cai Xianhua. Design of PDA Based Public Transportation Information database and Query Algorithm. Modern Surveying and Mapping, 2004.6,Vol 27, No 3.

7.Cai Xinahua, Qi Zheng, Qi Haoping, Wang Wei. Spatial Data Conversion Based on LRS and SRS. Journal of Highway and Transportation Research and Development , 2005.9, Vol 22, No 9.

8.Cai Xianhua, Wang Wei, Qi Haoping. GIS-based Road Geometric Net Data Model and Its Application. Bulletin of Surveying and Mapping ,2005.12, Vol 345, No 12.

9.Liu Guangming, Cai Xianhua, MiaoCong. A Query Algorithm for Urban Public Transportation and Its Application. Journal of Transportation Engineering and Information, 2005,Vol 3, No 2.

10.Miao cong, Cai Xianhua Application of WebGIS in the Intelligent public Transport Dispatching System in Intelligent Public Transport Dispatching System.. Technology & Economy in Areas of Communications, 2005.6, No32

11.Cai Xianhua, Lu Jian. Research of Large Activities Traffic Management Simulation System Based on GIS Technology. Science of Surveying and Mapping, 2007, Vol 32, No 6.

12.Cai Xianhua. Study of GIS-T Spatial Database Management and Application. Acta Geodaetica et Cartographical Sinica, 2007Vol 36, No 4.

13.Liu Xu, Cai Xianhua, Li Aiqin, Gao Yong. Application of Data Increment Detection Technology to Electronic-map Updating. Bulletin of Surveying and Mapping,2007.11,No 368

14.Bai Chunguan, Cai Xianhua. Fractal Structure and Regional Difference at Spatial System of Road Network in China. Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology, 2008Vol8, No4

15.Fang Pengcheng,Cai Xianhua. Application of automatically broken line in line feature merging. Science of Surveying and Mapping 2008Vol33, (special on “3S” research)

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