Ding Jianwen


Jianwen Ding

Personal details


Name: Jianwen Ding

Ph.D. in Geotechnical Engineering

Associate Professor

Institute of Geotechnical Engineering

School of Transportation SoutheastUniversity.
No.2, Si Pai Lou, Nanjing, JiangSu Province, 210096, P.R.China.

Education background

  • Visiting Scholar: 04/2013~04/2014, School of Civil Engineering,Purdue University,USA

  • PhD.: 09/2006~5/2011,

Major in Geotechnical Engineering,Institute of Geote chnical Engineering, School of Transportation, Southeast University

  • M.S.: 09/2002~04/2005,

Major in Geotechnical Engineering,Institute of Geotechnical Engineering, School of Transportation, Southeast University

  • B.S.: 09/1994~06/1998,

Major in Civil Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, Nanjing University of Technology

CourseUnderground Building StructuresFoundation Engineeringfor undergraduate students

Research interests

  • Mechanical behavior & settlement analysis of the big-diameter and super-long piles

  • Comprehensivetreatment of dredged clays (consolidation; solidification; recycling)

  • Engineering properties of soil & soil treatment(soft soil; expansive soils)

  • SubgradeEngineering in highway (road embankment & road subbase )

·   Underground engineering(tunnel ; excavation engineering ; subway)

  • 04/2000~ Present,   SoutheastUniversity

·   08/1998~04/2000, Nanjing Geology School

Research Experiences

1NationalNatural ScienceFoundation of ChinaLarge-strain Consolidation Model of Dredged Clays based on Nonlinear Variation Law of Compressibility and Permeability during CompressionNo.51178107),Person-in-Charge 2012-2015

  2National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaLarge-strain Consolidation Model on Reclaimed Land of Dredged Clays with Vertical Drains Associated with Particle Radial MovementNo.51378118),Person-in-Charge 2014-2017

3NationalNatural ScienceFoundation of ChinaEvaluation system of sensitivity of natural sedimentary structural soft clayconsidering the effect of stress levelNo.41172240),Participation. 2012-2015

4National High Technology Research & Development Project863 Projectof ChinaW-S-S (Water decrease - Surface disposal - Surface loading)construction method for large area dredged clays stockyardNo. 2007AA11Z135),Participation. 2007-2010

5Public Welfare Special Fund for Scientific Research Project by the Ministry of Water Resources: Quick reclamation treatment technology of dredged soils stockyardNo. 200701045),Participation. 2007-2010

6National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaStudy on structural compression model of natural sedimentary clayNo. 50878050),Participation. 2009-2011

7National Natural Science Foundation of ChinaOn Physicochemical Compatibility Performance of Iron Ore Tailings-Cohesive Soil System,(No. 41272312),Participation. 2013-2016

8Scientific & TechnicalInnovationProject of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project of Jiangsu Province: Key technology study of the dredged soils stockyardNo. KJCX-201003),Person-in-Charge 2009-2010

9Scientific &TechnicalInnovationProject of the South-to-North Water Transfer Project of Jiangsu Province: Study on slurry separation technique and application in engineeringNo. KJCX-200612),Participation. 2006-2008

10Transportation research of Nanjing City:Study on slope rate of the lime - stabilized soil embankmentNo. 2008-20),Participation. 2008-2009

11Transportation research of Nanjing City: Road bed and road subbase construction technology study with filling improved soil under special conditions.No. 2007-22),Participation. 2007-2008

12Transportation Research Project of Jiangsu Province: Soft soil treatment for low embankment of high-gradehighway on the floodplain area of Yangtze River No. 06Y14),Participation. 2006-2007


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