Liu Qiwei



  In July 1983, Liu Qiwei graduated from Shanghai Tongji University of bridge engineering; in 1997, graduated from Nanjing Southeast University in postgraduate courses; in 2008, got Tongji Bridge and Tunnel Engineering Ph.D. degree. Now, is the researcher of major scientific and technological projects of Southeast University.

  Mainly engaged in research and teaching of the design theory of bridge structure, especially known as detecting, analyzing and evaluating the bridge structure, unique for processing and analyzing the bridge of various diseases. Presided over the completion of the vertical and horizontal research projects up to as many as 60, published 20 academic articles, 3 provincial winning projects, and there are a number of national patents. Currently there are 5 research projects in development.


. Papers

1. Temperature field test for asphalt paving of steel-concrete composite box girder. Journal of Southeast University, Vol.36, No.4, 2006/4, P572-P575. Liu Qiwei, Ding Feng, Zhu Jun, Zhang Rongfu.

2. Inspection, evaluation and reinforcement of fire damaged bridge. Highway and Transportation Research, 2005/2, P71-P74. Liu Qiwei, Wang Feng, Xu Kaishun, Chen Xiaoqiang.

3. Prestressed steel duct grouting investigation of real bridge and performance analysis of steel. Bridges Construction, No.173, 2006/5, P72-P75. Liu Qiwei, Zhang Pengfei, Wu Jianping.

4. The study of sunshine temperature distribution for reinforced concrete box girder. Construction technology, 2006/12, P1-P4. Liu Qiwei, Tang Beihua, Zhu Jun, Cai Yongsheng.

5. Surveys of duct grouting for PC strand continuous beam bridge and mechanical properties of strand. Construction technology, 2007/2, P63-P65. Liu Qiwei, Zhang Pengfei, Zhao Jiajun.

6. Application of micro-expansion polypropylene fiber concrete in bridge deck waterproofing pavement. Bridge construction, 2003/5, P74-P76. Liu Qiwei, Wu Zanping, Zhu Jun, Yan Lezhong, Wang Jian.

7. Method of post-tensioned PC bridge opening track. 2006 National Conference Proceedings of Bridge and Structural Engineering Branch of China Highway and Transportation Society, 2006/11. Liu Qiwei, Zhang Pengfei, Zhao Jiajun.

8. The temperature distribution test of reinforced concrete box girder under high-temperature asphalt paving. Journal of China highway, Vol 20, No.4, 2007/7, P96-P100. Liu Qiwei, Zhu Jun.

9. Cracks research of CFRP reinforced concrete beam. Highway and Transportation Research, Volume 24, No.12, 2007/12, P79-P84. Liu Qiwei, Hua Ming, Zhai Ruixing, Wang Jian.

. National patent

1 Quality control systems of post-tensioned prestressed grouting

2 Method of reducing adverse temperature effects on bridge girder and pavement structure

(Patent No. ZL 2009 1 0027029.8)

3 Grouting method of longitudinal cracks in the floor of prestressed concrete hollow beam

(Patent No. ZL 2011 1 0339375.7)

. The winning projects

1. Key technology research of large span steel-concrete composite beam bridge. 2008 Zhenjiang Municipal Science and Technology Progress Award, 1st

2. SS series of prefabricated bridge expansion equipment. 1999 Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Progress Award, 1st

3 Key technology of new composite structure and its application in large-span engineering structures. 2009 Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Progress Award, 3rd

. Research

1. Crack control of reinforced concrete continuous box girder

2. Key technology research of large span steel-concrete composite beam bridge

3. Composite coating research about concrete anti-corrosion of highway bridge

4. Joint promotion of FSS series bridge expansion equipment

5. Health screening and treatment measures of Ninghu Expressway bridge

6. Load test of five bridges of Huihang highway

7. Detection of continuous beam structure of Jiangyin Bridge Approach

8. Construction Monitoring and Analysis of S121-S324 Yanghe Bridge

9. Fire damage assessment and reinforcement design of Bayi Harbor Bridge

10. Technical services on defect repair and reinforcement for Huaian City bridge