Chen Jun


Jun Chen

Positions Held

Professor, Ph.D.School of Transportation, Southeast University

Director of Departmentof Transportation Engineering

Assistant Deanof School of Transportation


Ph.D.Southeast University. TransportationPlanning and Management. 1998-2000

M.S.Institute ofAutomation of Southeast University. Automatic Control & . 1995-1998

B.S.Xi’an Electronic University of Science& Technology.Electrical & Mechanism Engineering.1991-1995

Senior Visiting Scholar.School of Civil Engineering and the Environment,UniversityofSouthampton,UK,2009


Research Interests

nUrbanParking Facilities’ Planning and Management

nUrbanIntegrated Transport System

nUrbanPublic Transportation System

nIntelligent TransportationSystem


nCourses Taught:Introductionto Transportation Engineering

TrafficManagement and Control

nTeachingAwardsNational Teaching Achievements: 3(2005,2009,2014)

Teaching Achievements of Jiangsu Province:4 (2005, 2009, 2011, 2013)


nNationalScience and Technology Programs : 9

nPublishedPapersin Domestic and InternationalJournals: about 100

nPublishedAcademic Monographs: 4

nAuthorizedNational Invention Patents : 4

nSoftware with IndependentIntellectualPropertyRights: 5

nNational Award for Science and Technology Progress: 1 (2003)

nProvincialand MinisterialAwardfor Science and Technology Progress:3 (2009, 2013, 2013)


“Traffic Youth Talentsin Science and Technology” byMinistryofTransport,2011

Program for NewCentury Excellent Talents in University by Ministry of Education, 2007

Selected Papers and Publications

nChen Jun, Zhou Zhi-yong, Mei Zhen-yu, HeBao-hong. Methods of Urban Parking planning and key technologies of ParkingGuidance Information. Southeast University Publishing House, 2007.

nChen Jun, Xu Liang-jie, Zhu Shun-ying.etal.Traffic Management and Control.Beijing: China Communications Press, 2012.

nHuangXiao-ming, Chen Jun. Introduction to Transportation Engineering. Beijing: ChinaCommunications Press, 2014.

nChen Jun. Urban Road’s Un-equilibrium Traffic Flow OperationCharacteristics and Space-time Resource Cooperative Control Methods. Beijing: ChinaCommunications Press. 2014.