Hong Zhenshun



Zhen-Shun HONG

Professor, Ph.D

Institute of Geotechnical Engineering

School of Transportation

Southeast University

Nanjing 210096

P. R. China



List of Main Publications since 2006

1)   Hong, Z. S., Bian, X., Cui, Y. J., Gao, Y. F. and Zeng, L.L. (2013). Effect of initial water content on undrained shear behaviour of reconstituted clays. Géotechnique, 63(6): 441-450.

2)   Hong, Z. S., Zeng, L. L., Cui, Y. J., Cai, Y. Q. and Lin, C. (2012). Compression behaviour of natural and reconstituted clays. Géotechnique, 62(4): 291-301.

3)   Zeng, L. L., Hong, Z. S., Cai, Y. Q. and Han, J. (2011). Change of hydraulic conductivity during compression of undisturbed and remolded clays.Applied Clay Science, 51(1-2): 86-93.

4)   Hong, Z. S., Yin, J. and Cui, Y. J. (2010). Compression behaviour of reconstituted soils at high initial water contents. Géotechnique, 60(9): 691-700.

5)   Chai, J. C., Hong, Z. S., and Shen, S. L. (2010). Vacuum-drain method induced pressure distribution and ground deformation, Geotextiles and Geomemberanes. 28, 525–535.

6)   Hong, Z. S., Shen, S. L., Deng, Y. F. and Negami, T (2007). Loss of soil structure for natural sedimentary clays. Geotechnical Engineering, Proceedings of ICE. 160 (3): 153 - 159.

7)   Hong, Z. S. and Han, J. (2007). Evaluation of sample quality of sensitive clay using intrinsic compression concept. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, ASCE. 133(1): 83-90.

8)   Hong, Z. S. (2007). Void Ratio-Suction Behavior of Remolded Ariake Clays. Geotechnical Testing Journal, ASTM. 30(3): 234-239.

9)   Hong, Z. S. (2006). Correlating compression properties of sensitive clays using void index. Géotechnique, 56 (8): 573–577.

10)   Hong, Z. S., Tateishi, Y. and Han, J. (2006). Experimental study of macro and micro-behavior of natural diatomite. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, ASCE. 132(5): 603-610.

11)   Hong, Z. S., Liu, S. Y., Shen, S. L. and Negami, T (2006). Comparison in undrained shear strength between undisturbed and remolded Ariake clays. Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, ASCE. 132 (2): 272-275.