Ren Gang


Dr. REN Gang received his Ph.D. degree in Transportation Planning and Management from Southeast University, China in April, 2004, and since then has been worked in School of Transportation, Southeast University. Now he is a full professor in Transportation Engineering and the director of the Major Projects and Collaborative Innovation Office of the university. Dr. Ren’s research interests include traffic behavior and safety analysis, emergency traffic management, and active transport optimization. He is the principal investigators of more than 10 research projects including three grants from the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC). He has published more than 60 peer-reviewed papers in academic journals and conferences.


Students with the theoretical background of traffic engineering, mathematics, computer or control are welcome to apply the master and doctoral program.


Contact Information

l  Address: School of Transportation, Southeast University, 2# Sipailou, Nanjing, Jiangsu 210096, China

l  Tel: +86-25-83790550



Work Experience

l  Oct. 2012 – Present: Director of  the Major Projects and Collaborative Innovation Office, Southeast University

l  Jan. 2011– Jan. 2012: Visiting Scholars, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison

l  May 2004 – Present: Lecturer (2004.5-2006.4), Associate Professor (2006.4-2008.4), Research Professor (2008.4-2012.4), Assistant Dean (2010.2-2012.10), Professor(2012.10-present), School of Transportation, Southeast University



Sep. 1999 – Apr. 2004:

l  Ph.D., School of Transportation, Southeast University

l Degree major: Transportation Planning and Management

l Title of dissertation: On traffic assignment algorithms with traffic management and control

Sep. 1995 – July 1999:

l  B.S., School of Information Engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology

l  Degree major: Computer Science and Application

l  Title of thesis: Programming of commercial POS terminals


Grants & Contracts

l  Collective Dynamics Based Principles and Models for Pedestrians’ Crossing Behaviors in Group, from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 2011-2013

l  Integrated Optimization Models for Route Planning and Traffic Organization in Emergency Evacuation, from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 2011-2013

l  Class Configuration Evaluation and Optimization of Urban Road Network, from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 2007-2009

l  Key Technologies of Car and Road Collaborative System Simulation, Test and Verification, from the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China, 2011-2013

l  Assessment and Enhancement of Behavioral Safety of Road Transportation Participants, from the National Science and Technology Action Program for Road Traffic Safety, 2009-2011

l  Mechanism of Action and Interaction between Traffic Demand and Supply, from National Basic Research Program of China, 2006-2011

l  Operation Bottleneck Identification Technologies for Urban Comprehensive Transportation, from the National Science and Technology Support Program of China, 2007-2010

l  Technologies of Bus Priority Signal Control with the Internet of Things, from the “Six talent Summit” for Jiangsu Province,2014-2016

l  Study for Grouped Intersection Control Strategy Based on Traffic Prediction, from the Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education, 2013-2015

l  Network Equilibrium Based Models and Methods for Urban Traffic Management Optimization , from the Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education, 2008-2010

l  Class Configuration Optimization Method of Urban Road Network, from the Science and Technology Foundation of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of China, 2008-2009

l  Dynamic Simulation Technologies and Decision Support Software Development for Urban Traffic Management, from the Application Innovation Program of the Ministry of Public Security of China, 2008-2009

l  Transportation planning and design projects for cities and regions including Ningbo, Shangyu, Jiashan, Weifang, Zhucheng, Ganzhou, Lushan, etc., 2004-present


Selected Publications (as the first author or corresponding author)

l  Traffic Network Optimization Models and Methods for Emergency Evacuation, Science Press, 2014 (Monograph)

l  Method of generating strategic guidance information for driving evacuation flows to approach safety-based system optimal dynamic flows: case study of a large stadium, Journal of Systems Science and Complexity, 2014 (SCI)

l  An integrated model for evacuation routing and traffic signal optimization with background demand uncertainty, Journal of Advanced Transportation, 2013 (SCI)

l  Optimizing bus frequencies under uncertain demand: case study of the transit network in a developing city, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2013SCI

l  Exploring the effects of different walking strategies on bi-direction pedestrian flow, Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society, 2013SCI

l  A route optimization model for pedestrian evacuation in metro hubs, Journal of Central South University of Technology, 2013 (SCI)

l  Traffic Behavior Safety of Non-Motorized Traffic Participants: Modeling, Evaluation and Decision System, Science Press, 2012 (Monograph)

l  Improved Origin-destination-based Algorithm for Equilibrium Traffic Assignment, Systems Engineering-theory & Practice, 32(10), 2012

l  Functional Matching Degree of Urban Road Networks: Modeling and Empirical Analysis, China Journal of Highway and Transport, 25(3), 2012

l  Modeling bi-direction pedestrian flow by cellular automata and complex network theories, Acta Physica Sinica ,61(14), 2012 (SCI)

l  A simulation-based dynamic stochastic route choice model for evacuation, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2012 (SCI)

l  Bus contraflow lane: an improved contraflow approach in freeway. Transportation Research Record, 2012 (SCI)

l  Crossing behaviors of pedestrians at signalized intersections: Observational study and survey in China, Transportation Research Record 2264, 2011SCI

l  Traffic safety forecasting method by particle swarm optimization and support vector machine, Expert Systems with Applications, 38(8), 2011SCI

l  Computer-Aided Engineering for Transportation, China Communications Press, 2010 (Textbook)

l  Analysis on the Proportion of Heavy Vehicles’ Influence on the Speed-Flow Relationship for Urban Roads, China Civil Engineering Journal, 43(2), 2010

l  Unsafe Behavior Improved Model for Bicycle Riding Based on Theory of Planned Behavior, China Safety Science Journal, 20(7), 2010

l  Practical Link Performance Functions for Urban Roads with Mixed Traffic, China Journal of Highway and Transport, 22(4), 2009

l  Principles and its Prototype Algorithm for Dual Shortest Path Tree in Networks with Turning Constraints, Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, 8(4), 2008

l  Traffic Assignment Models and Algorithms with Traffic Management Measures, Southeast University Press, 2007(Monographs)


Honors & Awards

l  Special Project of National Security , 2nd class of the National Science and Technology Progress Award, as 9th ranking, 2007

l  Key Technologies and Applications of Urban Bus Efficient Organization and Control , 1st class of the Science and Technology Progress Award of China Intelligent Transportation System Association, as 5th ranking, 2012

l  Key Technologies of Urban Comprehensive Transportation System Integration , Planning and Design, 1st class of the Science and Technology Progress Award of Huaxia Construction, as 9th ranking, 2012

l  Key Technologies and Applications of Urban Public Transit Optimization and Bus Priority Guarantee, 2nd class of the Science and Technology Progress Award of Higher Education, as 6th ranking, 2009

l  Key Technologies and Engineering Applications of Intelligent Urban Traffic Management, 2nd class of the Science and Technology Progress Award of Jiangsu Province, as 6th ranking, 2007

l  Cost-minimizing-based Model for Reasonable Spacing of Different Class of Urban Roads, 8th Excellent Natural Science Papers Award of Nanjing, as 1st author, 2009

l  On Traffic Assignment Algorithms with Traffic Management and Control, Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award of Southeast University, 2006

l  “Six talent Summit” Higher-level Talents Award of Jiangsu Province, 2013

l  “Project Qinglan” Young and Middle-aged Academic Leader Award for Colleges and Universities of Jiangsu Province, 2012

l  “Project Qinglan” Outstanding Young and Key Teachers Award for Colleges and Universities of Jiangsu Province, 2008

l  Outstanding Young Teachers Award of Southeast University, 2008