Xia Jingxin


Dr. Jingxin Xiais a professor and PH.D advisor at the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Research Center of the Southeast University. He was born in Lianshui, Jiangsu Provice in November, 1976. He got his bachelor degree in Traffic & Civil Engineering from Southeast University in China in 1999, master degree in Traffic Information Engineering and Control from Southeast University in China in 2002, and doctorate degree in Civil Engineering from University of Kentucky in 2006. After graduation from University of Kentucky, he was a post-doctorate and associate researcher in the Smart Travel Labortoray at the University of Virginia from August. 2006 to July, 2008. After coming back to the ITS Research Center (ITS Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education) at the Southeast University in China in August 2008, he is working on the related teaching and researches in the discipline of Traffic Information Engineering and Control.

Jingxin Xias research areaes include Intelligent Transportation Systems, Traffic Operations and Management, Traffic Control, Traffic Flow Theories, and Traffic Safety. When he was working the United States, he completed lots of redearch projects for the Federal Highway Administraion, Department of Transportation of Kentucky, and Department of Transportation of Virginia. After coming back to China in 2008, he has responsible for about 30 important projects, including national and provincial research projects, the NCSF, 863 reserch program, and etc. Meanwhile, he has responsible for many local key government projects in the field of intelligent transportation for urban roads, freeways, and opening highways. Consequently, he has developed many platform softwares in traffic operating management urban roads and freeways, intelligent public transportation, and transportation management. To date, Jingxin Xia has published more than 40 papers on the well-known domestic and foreign academic journals, among which more than 20 are indexed by SCI, and has applied more than 20 patents, including 14 has been granted. Jingxin Xia is also the paper reviewers for many well-known jornals and international conferences, such as Transportation Research Parc C, IEEETransaction on Intelligent Transportation Systems, Journal of Advanced Transportation.



Address35 Jingxianghe Rd. ITS Hall, Southeast University, Nanjing 210096, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China


Representative Publications

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