Ye Jianshu



Ye, Jianshu (1948- ), Professor, is a Ph.D. supervisor at Southeast University (SEU). He is serving as a committee member of Department of Civil Engineering and Transportation at SEU, and director of Highway Bridge and Structure Engineering society of China Highway and Transportation Society (CHTS), as well as executive director and expert committee of Jiangsu Highway and Transportation Society for years.

His research interests include bridge structure design theory and analyzing method, bridge inspection and evaluation, and bridge strengthening technology and concrete bridge structure durability.

Since he joined SEU, Prof. Ye has served as Principal Investigator for many government and university funded research projects. The National Science and Technology Progress Award (the second prize) has been awarded twice in 2006 and 2009 respectively, and the Science and Technology Award (the first prize) issued by CHTS has been awarded three times.

He has published five research/text books including Principle of Structural Design, Defects in Existing Highway Bridges and Concrete structures etc., as well as over 145 technical papers in journals and conference proceedings in his research areas, among which most are in peer-reviewed journals. The journals, such as Journal of Bridge Engineering (ASCE), China Civil Engineering Journal, China Journal of Highway and Transport and Journal of Highway and Transportation Research and Development etc. have invited him as the reviewers.