Li Chang


Li Chang, was born in April 1974, Qinyang county of Anhui province. He graduated from transportation college of Southeast University in 2002, and attained PhD. Degree in the year. After graduation, he is qualified as a teacher in Southeast University till now, and engaged as associate professor from 2005. He went to Louisiana state university as visiting scholar for one year in 2010.

Main research fields: Deck pavement, pavement in tunnel, theories about crack and rutting on asphalt pavement, theory about CRCP failure, slope stability of road and structure security, maintenance and reconstruction of road, and so on.

Awards: Awarded First Prize of Provincial S&T Progress Award for twice, and several Third Prize of Provincial S&T Progress Award.

Recent typical papers:

[1] Chang Li*, Linglin Li. Criteria for controlling rutting of asphalt concrete materials in sloped pavement. Construction and Building Materials. 35(4). 330-339. 2012.

[2] Chang Li*, Kaijian Niu. Simulation of asphalt concrete cracking using Cohesive Zone Model. Construction and Building Materials. 35(9). 1097-1106. 2012.

[3] Chang Li*, Dalin Ju. Relationship between Degree of Anisotropy of Asphalt Concrete and Its Geometrical Parameters. Journal of Testing and Evaluation. 40(7). 1-9. 2012.

[4] Linglin Li, Xiaoming Huang, Linbing Wang, and Chang Li. An Integrated Experimental and Numerical Study on Permanent Deformation of Asphalt Pavement at the Intersections. Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering. Accepted.

[5] Tao Bai, Xiaoming Huang, Chang Li etc., Simplified formula of temperature Shrinkage stress calculation for CRCP, Journal of Hunan University (Nature Science Edition), Vol.38 No.6, pp.1, 2011.