Wang Xinding


Wang Xinding: Male, Doctor, Associate professor, Supervisor of postgraduate. Engaging in the teaching and scientific research work of bridge and tunnel engineering.

Main directions of studying:

(1) Application study of new materials in bridge and tunnel structures;

(2) Structure analysis and design theory research of new type bridges and tunnels;

(3)Structural design theory and construction technology research of long-span bridges and tunnels;

(4)Structure monitoring, detection and reinforcement technology research of bridges and tunnels.

Main achievements of scientific research and papers:

The flexural experiment study on concrete beams prestressed with external CFRP tendons, lateral displacement analysis and countermeasure research of concrete continuous curved beam bridges, shear test study on concrete beams prestressed with external CFRP tendons and so on, more than 30 papers were published in the journal of southeast university and other domestic and foreign core journals and the important academic conference. The application research of FRP materials in bridge structures, structure performance research of prestressed concrete continuous curved box girder bridges and structure detection of the first metro tunnel of Nanjing, etc. have been completed by Hosting or participating. The design, construction monitoring, structure detection and reinforcement design of the many bridges have been finished by presiding.