Yu Guorong


Yu Guorong, Male, Doctor of Engineering and Associate Professor, Registered Surveyor

In 1993, Doctor Yu Guorong graduated with a bachelor’s degree in photogrammetry and remote sensing from Southwest Jiaotong University. After graduation with a master’s degree in 1996, he went to work for the Forth Institute of Survey and Design of the Ministry of Railways of China, responsible for the work of aerial-surveying the Yichang section of the railway along the Yangtze River and the Nanjing section of the Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway. And after achieving the Doctor’s degree in geodesy and surveying engineering in Wuhan University in 2003, he came to work in the Department of Surveying Engineering in Southeast University. Doctor Yu has taken charge of two National Science and Technology Support Projects, one of which has been accomplished and the other is underway. He has also published more than a dozen of research papers on geomatics and edited a textbook for graduates.

Main Research Field: the theory of surveying data processing, GNSS technology and application

Lecture courses: surveying adjustment, theory for modern geomatics data processing and analysis, principles and applications of global navigation satellite system, database technology, method for geomatics data processing, deformation observation data processing, principles for surveying control network, elementary surveyingengineering surveying, civil engineering surveying, vehicles navigation, cartography.