Geng Yanfen


Yanfen Geng

    Female, Associate Professor

    Department of Harbor, Waterway and Coastal Engineering, School of Transportation,

    Southeast University

    Address: 2 SiPaiLou Road, Nanjing, 210096, China

    Cell phone: 0086-13951906642 

    Phone: +86-25-83795913



Ph.D, September 2006, Dalian University of Technology

M.S., March 2003, Dalian University of Technology

B.S., July 2000, Dalian University of Technology


2012-now: Associate Professor

2011-2012: University of California, Irvine (UCI)visiting scholar

2010-now: Dean of Department of Harbor, waterway and Coastal Engineering 

2007-2012: Assistant Professor


Simulation of hydrodynamics in rivers, estuaries, and coastal waters, Numerical method for shallow water equationsFlood and storm surge on the estuaries regionSediment transportWaterway and Coastal Engineering


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Geng Y.F, Wang Z.L., 2007. The numerical modelling of wave run-up using non-linear shallow water equations. Proceedings of the Fourth international Conference on Asian and Pacific Coasts: 193-200.

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 Geng Y.F, Wang Z.L., 2012. A coastal ocean model of semi implicit finite volume unstructured grid. China Ocean Engineering, 26(2): 277-290. (SCI)


Courses Taught in Degree Programs at the Southeast University

(1) Hydraulics(undergraduate core)

(2) Special Topics of Hydraulic Engineering (undergraduate core)

(3) Estuarine and Coastal Engineering (graduate core)