Deng Yongfeng


Yongfeng DENG

Professor, Ph.D

Institute of Geotechnical Engineering

School of Transportation

Southeast University

Nanjing 210096

P. R. China

Tel: +86 25 83792776



2005Ph.D.Southeast  University (Highway and Railway Engineering)

2002M.Eng.Southeast University (Geotechnical Engineering)

1999B.Eng.Chongqing Jiaotong University (Port and Channel Engineering)

Major Research Interests:

Soil Behaviours under Evolution of Geological Environment

Geotechnical Testing Method and Underground Structure

Ground Improvement and Soil Modification

Research Projects

1Activity excitation of steel slag-metakaolin composite geopolymer and macro/micro behavior of stabilized soft clays, Sponsored by the Natural Science Foundation of China (Approved No. 41572280), 2016-2019;

2Pore water effect on the hydro-mechanical behavior of natural soft clays under desalination condition, Sponsored by the Natural Science Foundation of China (Approved No. 51378117), 2014-2017;

3High-performace Modified Materials bases on function design in ground improvement, Sponsored by six talents peak Project in Jiangsu province, P.R.China, 2015-2017;

4Physical and mechanical properties of structural clay under salinity environmentSponsored by Scientific Research Foundation for Returned Scholars, Ministry of Education of China (Approved No. 2012-1707), 2012-2013;

5Theory and Evalution on Mechanical Disturbance of Natural Structural Soft Clay, Sponsored by the Natural Science Foundation of China (Approved No. 50908049), 2010-2012

6Application and Evaluation of Ground Improvement Technology in Linhai Highway, Sponsored by Highway Department of Jiangsu Province, 2010-2013;

7ONDRAF/NIRAS: Laboratory research on geomechanical properties of Essen clay at difference depths including geochemical impact on its geomechanical properties, 2008-2009Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, France

Selected Publications:

1Deng Y.F.*, Yue X.B., Liu S.Y., Chen Y.G. and Zhang D.W. 2015. Hydraulic Conductivity of Cement-stabilized Marine Clay with Metakaolin and its Correlation with Pore Size Distribution. Engineering Geology. 193:46152.

2Yan C., Liu S.Y., Deng Y.F. 2015. Experimental Research for the Application of Mining Waste in the Trench Cutting Remixing Deep Wall Method. Advances in Materials Science and Engineering. 2015:1-9.

3Zhang T.W., Yue X.B., Deng Y.F.*, Zhang D.W., Liu S.Y. 2014. Mechanical behaviour and Micro-structure of Cement-stabilised Marine Clay with a Metakaolin Agent. Construction and Building Materials. 73:5157

4Deng Y.F., Yue X.B., Cui Y.J., Shao G.H., Liu S.Y., Zhang D.W. 2014. Effect of Pore Water Chemistry on the Hydro-Mechanical Behaviour of Lianyungang Soft Marine Clay. Applied Clay Science. 95:167–175.

5Nguyen X.P., Cui Y.J., Tang A.M., Deng Y.F., Li X.L., Wouters L. 2013. Effects of Pore Water Chemical Composition on the Hydro-Mechanical Behavior of Natural Stiff Clays. Engineering Geology. 166: 5264.

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10Deng Y.F., Cui Y.J., Tang A.M., Nguyen X.P., Li X.L. and Van Geet M. 2011. Investigating the Pore- water Chemistry Effects on the Volume Change Behaviour of Boom Clay. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth. 36:1905-1912.

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