Ran Bin



Professor Bin Ran, a Distinguished Expert of China’s Thousand Talents Program, is the Director of the ResearchCenter for Internet of Mobility at Southeast University. He also serves as the OverseasDean for the School of Transportation at Southwest Jiaotong University, and is aguest faculty at Tongji University. Dr. Ran is a professor in the Department ofCivil and Environmental Engineering and the Director of ITS Program at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. Dr. Ran is an honored Distinguished Expert inInnovation appointed by the Jiangsu Provisional Government.


Born in May 1967, Dr. Ran received his Bachelor’s Degree from Tsinghua University in1986, Master’s Degree from University of Tokyo in 1989, and PhD Degree from theUniversity of Illinois, Chicago in 1993. Dr. Ran worked as a Post-doctoral Researcherat the University of California, Berkley from 1993 to 1994 and served as a Lecturerat the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1994 to 1995. Since 1995, Dr.Ran has been working as an assistant professor, associate professor, andprofessor at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. In 2003, in collaboration withDr. David Noyce, Dr. Ran established the Wisconsin Traffic Operations andSafety Laboratory and served as its 1st Director from 2003 to 2007. Dr.Ran became a guest professor at Southeast University in 2009 and a professor in2010.


Dr. Ran servedas an evaluation expert in both US and China’s Natural Science Foundations. Healso serves as an evaluation expert in China’s Thousand TalentsProgram, Youth Thousand Talents Program, “Changjiang Scholar”Award Program, and Chinese National “Youth Talent” support plan. Currently, Dr.Ran serves as an associate editor for the Journal of Intelligent TransportationSystems. Dr. Ran is also an expert for China Ministry of Transport, China Post-DoctoralScience Foundation, Urban Transport Systems for Sustainable Development(CoE-SUFS), China Internet of Vehicle Technology Innovation Alliance, as wellas Internet of Vehicle Expert Committee for City of Wuhan. Dr. Ran served as thefounding president of North America China Overseas Transportation Association(now the Overseas Chinese Transportation Association (COTA)) from1996 to 1998. COTA has become one of the major organizers for CICTP, China'slargest annual transportation conference and platform for academic communication.


Dr. Ran hasengaged in static and dynamic transportation network research for 28 years, andhas been known as the major founder of Ran-Boyce theory. For hisoutstanding achievement, he is praised as the leader in dynamic transportation networkmodeling worldwide. At the Wisconsin Traffic Operation and Safety Laboratory,Dr. Ran has led the effort to develop the WisTransportal, one of the threemajor statewide transportation data centers in the US. He also designed Dynaflow,a real-time traffic information database that has covered more than 100 millionkilometers of major roadways in the US, which has been widely used by the StateDepartments of Transportation, auto companies, mobile operators, Internetcompanies, etc. After more than ten years of research and development, Dr. Ran’sresearch team on mobile data has developed a series of advanced big data systemsfor traffic state estimation and passenger volume estimation, which have been implementedin Shanghai, Jiangsu Province and other places. Dr. Ran has published more than100 papers in international journals, more than 200 papers in international conferences,as well as two English monographs which have become major references in thefield worldwide for more than 18 years. He also owns three U.S. patents, threeChinese patents and has applied for five Chinese patents. He has completed atotal of more than 20 million US dollars’ research projects as the principalinvestigator. In addition, Dr. Ran served as one of the major technical leadersfor developing Shanghai World Expo’s traffic information platform and the ChiefEngineer for designing and developing China's first provincial Intelligent Highway(Jiangsu Province Intelligent Highway) and a national showcase.


Dr. Ran has served as the advisorfor more than 60 PhD/MS students and 70 post-doctoral researchers and visiting scholars. They are now working in the broad area of transportation engineeringall over the world. Quite a number of them are faculty members (includingdeans, department chairs and center directors) in leading universities. These former students and scholars are now holdingleading or professional positions in the United States, China, Canada, SouthKorea, Australia, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and other places.