Weng Yongling



Yongling Weng, Ph. D,

Associate Professorof Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing

Contact information:

Office: Room 423, School of TransportationBuilding

Tel: +086-025-83795236


Mailing address: School of Transportation,Southeast University, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China, 210096

Research Interests:

Remote sensing image information processing, Hyperspectral remote sensing spectral analysis and the quantitative informationextraction, Remote sensing technology in the application of ecologicalenvironmental monitoring

Selected Publications:

[1] Weng yongling, Fan xingwang, Hu Wusheng, Zhang Huijun. Application ofmultisensor image and GIS in electric transmission line path design. Journal ofSoutheast University (Natural Science Edition). 2013,Vol.43 Sup(II): :269-274.(EI)

[2] Weng yongling, Fan xingwang, Tao jinmei. Mapping of soil salinitybased on field measured spectra and ALI image in Yellow River Delta. AdvancedMaterials Research 2012 Vol. 518-523 : 5710-5714 (EI)

[3] Weng yongling, Fan xingwang, Tao jinmei. Wetland extraction ofYancheng coastal area based on ALOS AVNIR-2 data. Proceedings of SPIE - TheInternational Society for Optical Engineering 2011 Vol. 820382030T1-82030T8 (EI)

[4] Weng Yongling, Gong Peng, Zhu Zhiliang. A Spectral Index forEstimating Soil Salinty in the Yellow River Delta Region of China Using EO-1Hyperion Data. PEDOSPHERE. 2010, 20(3):378-388. (SCI).

[5] Weng Yongling, Gong Peng, Zhu Zhiliang. Soil Salt Content Estimationon the Yellow River Delta with Satellite Hyperspectral Data. Canadian Journalof Remote Sensing. 2008, 34(3):259-270.(SCI)

[6] Weng Yongling, Gong Peng, Zhu Zhiliang. Reflectance spectroscopy forthe assessment of salt content in soils of the Yellow River Delta ofChina.International Journal of RemoteSensing. 2008, 29(19): 5511-5531. (SCI)


Digital Photogrametry, RemoteSensing Image Processing, Geographic Information System, Hyperspectral remotesensing technology and application

Research Project:

Natural Science Foundation ofChina(No. 41071264), 2011.01-2013.12

Natural Science Foundation ofChina(No. 41471352), 2015.01-2018.12.