Guo Xiucheng


Born in November 1964, Shengzhou,Zhejiang, Professor Xiucheng Guo has beenteaching in Southeast University since 1986. During the past two decades, he iscommitted to the research and practice of urban transport planning and design,road safety technology, integrated regional transportation planning andmanagement, urban planning and transit operation, traffic information andtraffic control and other areas and so on. He has served as the advisor for 4post-doctorals, 18 dortors, 60 masters and 30 masters of engineering.


lPh.D. in Transportationplanning and management, Southeast University, 2002

lM.E. in Transportationplanning and management, Southeast University, 1991

lB.E. in Highway and cityroad specialty, Southeast University, 1986

Current position

lDeputy director of AssetManagement Department, Southeast University

lMember of Urban TransportPlanning Academic Committee of China Urban Planning Society

lDeputy director of JiangsuProvince Professional Committee of Comprehensive Transportation of the UrbanPlanning Society

lDirector of Jiangsu RoadAssociation

lDeputy director of JiangsuProvince Institute of Highway Expressway Operation Professional Committee

lExecutive director of Jiangsu Province roadTraffic Safety Association

lExecutive director ofNanjing transportation Association

Main Publications--Monographs

lRoad Accidents Black PointAnalysis

lUrban and Rural PublicPassenger Transport Planning and Organizing

lAnalysis Method andApplication of Freeway Transport Running State

lUrban Rail Traffic NetEvolution Mechanism and Generation Method

lOperational ReliabilityAnalysis and Scheduling

lControl of Ground PublicTransportation, etc.

Main Publications--Teachingmaterials

lUrban Traffic Planning

lRoad Traffic OperationAnalysis Foundation

lCase Analysis ofTransportation Engineering

lRoad Traffic Safety Science

lHighway ConstructionProject Feasibility Study

lConstruction Project inTraffic Impact Analysis Method

lPlanning and Designing ofUrban Parking

lTraffic EngineeringFoundation

lDesign of TrafficEngineering Facilities

lTeaching material

lTransportation EngineeringScience

lTransportation SystemAnalysis

lTraffic Control andManagement

lPlanning Construction andManagement Method of Road Network

lRoad Network Planning

lUrban Traffic PlanningTheory and Application, etc.

Main Publications—Journal papers

lOverall characteristicanalysis of black points in road traffic accidents

lOrganizational patterns ofcity nodes and external traffic based on the efficiency of road network

lStudy of green traffictechnology and policy system in big city

lStudy of urban trafficzoning system construction

lStudy of assignment modeldivision for rail transit passenger volume based on cooperative and competitiveOD joint approach

lRegional logistics demandforecast model

lStudy of passenger flowforecast model on cooperative and competitive OD matrix in urban rail transitin China

lProactive trafficresponsive control based on state space neural network and extended Kalmanfilter

Main Grants & Contracts

lNational Natural Science Foundation Project: Research on HighwayTraffic Accident Black-Spots Analysis Technique

lWorld Bank Loan Projects: Shijiazhuang Urban TrafficImprovement Project, Post Evaluation of Express Network in Southern Jiangsu

lJiangsu Province Soft Science Project: Research on DevelopmentStrategy of Jiangsu Rural Public Passenger Traffic

lJiangsu Province Transportation Technological Projects: Research on First ClassHighway Design Safety Assessment, Research on City Nodes Arterial HighwayConstruction Planning in Jiangsu Province, Research on Government DecisionOriented Freight Transportation Development in Jiangsu and other researchsubjects

lLocal Government Authorized Projects: Urban Traffic StrategicPlanning in Ma Anshan City, Urban Comprehensive Traffic Planning in ZhenjiangCity, The Development Planning of Public Passenger Traffic in Taizhou City,Research on Layout Planning for Comprehensive Passenger Transport Center inJiangsu Province, The Prediction Model of Intercity Passenger Transport Demandbetween Shanghai and Jiangsu, The Adjustment Scheme of Wuxi Rail TransitOpening Ground Transport Network and other more than hundreds Projects.

Main AwardedScientific Projects

lStudy of computersimulation for arterial highway capacity, 3rd prize for science andtechnology progress award of Anhui province

lStudy of freeway networkoperation situation analysis methods and applications in Jiangsu province, 2ndprize for excellent soft science achievement award of Jiangsu province

lStudy of developmentstrategy and tactic of Nanjing rural passenger transportation, 3rd prizefor excellent soft science achievement award of Jiangsu province

lForecast technology andsoftware development for urban transportation planning, 3rd prizefor science and technology progress award of Shijiazhuang

lPlanning of Suqian publicpassenger transportation, 3rd prize for science and technology progressaward of Suqian government

lStudy of interactiverelationship between Suqian transportation system and town development, 2ndprize for science and technology progress award of Suqian government

lComprehensivetransportation planning of Zhenjiang, 2nd prize for excellent surveyand design of Jiangsu urban and rural construction system & The 14thexcellent engineering design award of Jiangsu province)and so on.

Main AwardedTeaching Projects

lConstruction and practiceof traffic planning teaching system, 2nd prize for national teachingachievement award in 2005 & Grand prize for southeast university teachingachievement award in 2004

lInnovation and practice forcultivating compound and applied law talents, 2nd prize for Jiangsuteaching achievement award(higher education category)in 2013

lExcellent teacher award ofBaosteel education foundation in 2006 and so on.