Chen Yimei


Dr.Yimei Chen

School ofTransportation, Southeast University, Nanjing, Jiangsu 210096

YimeiChen received the M.S. degree in 1987, andthe Ph.D. degree from Hohai University, in 2002. She is currently the Ph.D.supervisor, tenured professor, academic leader of the discipline of Port,Waterway, Costal and Offshore Engineering, and vice dean of School ofTransportation, Southeast University.She is also a member of a council of ChinaInland Waterways Association, member of a council of China Ocean EngineeringAssociation, and committee of teaching guidance committee of national hydraulicDiscipline.


Major ResearchInterests: Dr. Chen’s major research interests include river simulation, RS,GIS and ANN application in port and waterway engineering, waterway regulationtechnology, Port and waterway regulation.She chiefly edited six textbooks,published more than 50 SCI, EI and core journal papers. She has accomplishedmore than 40 projects: 9 of them are about port and waterway regulation; morethan 10 of them are about river simulation, RS, GIS and ANN; more than 10 ofthem are about revetment structure, ecological protection and recoverytechnology in port and waterway engineering, and the key technology inextending lock life; one of them is funded by the National Natural ScienceFoundation of China (Grant No. 51009028). She currentlyhas oneproject funded bythe National Natural Science Foundation of China (Grant No. 51479035). fiveprojects supported from bureau-level. She also took charge of one nationalteaching reform project, participated one provincial teaching reform project,and accomplished five teaching reform projects in Southeast University.


Awards:Dr. Chen was received Grade-Two Science and Technology Advancement Award ofChangjiang Waterway Bureau., Grade-Three Science and Technology AdvancementAward of Fujianprovince, Grade-Three Science and Technology Advancement Awardof water transport industry association. she achieved one Grade-Two national teaching award, three teaching awardsof provinces.

Shewas a recipient of the Wufu-Zhenhua Outstanding Young Teacher Award of Ministryof Transport of the People’s Republic of China, thecross-century outstanding young scientists ofMinistry of Transport of the People’s Republic of China,the National TeachingAchievement Award-first and second prize. She was elected as Jiangsu province outstandingyouth backbone teachers. She also received three provincial-level teachingachievement awards, and Grade-oneteaching award of Southeast University.