Chen Xuewu


Dr. Xuewu Chen

Professor, School of Transportation

Southeast University (SEU)



2# Si Pai Lou, Nanjing, P.R. China, 210096


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Professor, School of Transportation, Southeast University


Associate Professor, School of Transportation, Southeast University


Lecturer, School of Transportation, Southeast University



Transportation Engineering

Southeast University



Transportation Engineering

Southeast University



Transportation Engineering

Southwest Jiaotong University


Research Interests

Sustainable development of transportation system

Development system of public transport priority

Public transport network optimization

Public transport planning and effectiveness evaluation

Key techniques of urban road intersections optimizationand design

Professional Society Involvement


China Urban Transportation Planning Academic Committee


Municipal Engineering Branch Committee of China Civil Engineering Society on Urban Road and Traffic Engineering

Board Member

China Transportation Association Youth Committee

Selected Recent Projects

1.“Mechanismof Activity-Travel Pattern and Perceived Cost for Metropolitan Low-IncomeResidents”, Sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(Approved No. 51178109)

2.“KeyTechniques of Urban Intersections Function Enhancement and Design”, Sponsoredby the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China

3.“DecisionTheory and Technology of Urban BRT System Planning”, Sponsored by the Ministryof Education of the People’s Republic of China

4.“TrafficImpact Analysis and Optimization Design Techniques of Urban Bus Stops”,Sponsored by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China

5.“ComparativeStudy on Highway Speed and Safety between China and Netherlands”, Sponsored bythe Ministry of Transport and Water Management of the Netherlands

6.“UrbanPublic Transport Network Optimization Technology and its Application inChangzhou”, Sponsored by the Energy Foundation of the U.S. and Department ofHousing and Urban-Rural Development of Jiangsu Province

7.“IntegrationTechnology of Rail Transit and Ground Traffic”, Sponsored by the Suzhou Office Scienceand Technology

8.“DataMining Technology of Intelligent Public Transport Systems”, Sponsored by theDepartment of Transportation of Jiangsu Province

9.“ServiceMode and Operation Technology of Urban and Rural Public Transport”, Sponsoredby the Department of Transportation of Jiangsu Province

10.“Taxi-call Service Key Technologies and ManagementPractices”, Sponsored by the Department of Transportation of Jiangsu Province

11.“Huzhou Public Transport Comprehensive Planning”, Sponsoredby the Huzhou Office of Transportation

12.“Xiangyang Public Transport Development Planning”, Sponsoredby the Xiangyang Office of Transportation

13.“Changxing Public Transport Planning”, Sponsored bythe Changxing Office of Transportation

14.“Nantong Taxi Development Planning”, Sponsored bythe Nantong Office of Transportation

15.“Putting into Service Scheme of Huzhou High-speedRail Bus Terminal ”, Sponsored by the Huzhou Office of Road TransportManagement

16.“Research on Shenzhen Metro Network Operations”, Sponsoredby the Shenzhen Transportation Design & Research Institute

Selected Recent Publications

1.Urban Transport IC DataAnalysis and Application , Science Press, 2014

2.Optimized Establishment of Urban Bus Stop. ChinaCommunications Press, 2010

3.Introduction of Traffic Engineering. China CommunicationsPress, 2008

4.Transportation Planning. China Communications Press, 2007

5.Sustainable Development Theory of Urban Transport Systems.Science Press, 2004

6.Planning Methods and Management Techniques of Urban PublicTransport System. Science Press, 2002


Selected National Patents

1.Method and System for Acquiring Bus Stop OD Based on IC Data,CN201010553014, 2013

2.Intersection Design Method Based on Spatial ComplexityControl, CN201010582860, 2012

3.Method for Derivation of BRT Stop OD, ZL 2008 1 0236167.2, 2010

Honors and Awards

1.Grade-Two National Scientific and TechnologicalProgress Award, State Council of the People’s Republic of China,2012

2.Grade-Two National Scientific and TechnologicalProgress Award, State Council of the People’s Republic of China,2004

3.Young Scientific and Technological Excellence, Ministry ofTransport of the People’s Republic of China, 2005

4.New Century Excellent Talents, Ministry of Education of thePeople’s Republic of China,2006

5.First Talents of Jiangsu “333 Project”,People’s Government of Jiangsu Province, 2007

6.Outstanding Graduate Courses of Jiangsu Province, JiangsuAcademic Degree Committee,2006

7.Grade-Two Scientific and Technological Progress Award,Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China,2010

8.Grade-One Award for Excellent Teaching, Department ofEducation of Jiangsu Province, 2011

9.Excellent Survey and Design ofJiangsu Urban-Rural Construction System, Department of Housing and Urban-RuralDevelopment of Jiangsu Province, 2012

10.Top Grade Award for ExcellentTeaching, Education Department of the Jiangsu Province, 2004

11.Grade-One Award for ExcellentTeaching, Southeast University, 2013

12.Favorite Graduate Tutor Award,Southeast University, 2012