Jing Fei


Jing,Fei, from Shangyu, Zhejiang Province,China, master degree, associate professor. She was born May 1964. She graduatedfrom department of Geology in Zhejiang University with bachelor degree at July1986. She obtained master of engineering from transportation college of theSoutheast University. She started teaching classes in the Nanjing AdvancedTransportation University which merged into the Southeast Universitytransportation college geotechnical engineering institute on April 2000. Shehas been promoted to associate professor on April 2002 and become graduatesupervisor in the same year.

Shehas been a front-line teacher for a long time: mainly teaching soil mechanicsand base foundation, highway engineering geology, geotechnical engineeringfoundation, geotechnical testing techniques,geotechnical engineering supervision and many other courses. Herresearch focuses on soft ground foundation treatment and deformation ofsettlement. She has been involved in soft ground foundation treatmentcounselling and settlement deformation monitoring and analysis of numeroushighway construction in Jiangsu Province. She achieved: Third Prize in JiangsuProvincial Science and Technology progress Award (2004), First Prize in China Highway andTransportation Society’s Science andTechnology progress Award Highway (2006, 2008 ), First Prize in Nanjing Scienceand Technology progress Award (2011) and First Prize in the Ministry ofEducation’s Science and Technology progress Award (2011); She has publishedmore than 30 papers.


Address:#2 Sipailou,Geotechnical Institute intransportation college of the Southeast University

ZipCode: 210096