He Jie


Dr. Hejie is a professor and PHD tutorfor school of transportation in Southeast University. He also served as:

lPersonin charge of Vehicle Operation Engineering (VOE),

lDirectorof VOE research institute,

lVisitingscholar in Queensland University of technology, Australia,

lExcellentyoung teacher and academic leader of Jiangsu “Qin-Lan” project,

lMemberof the forth “temporary technical mayor group” nominated via Jiangsu OrganizationDepartment.

Professor Hejie’s research interestsmainly lie in the following domain: Traffic environment and safety;Transportation planning and management; Logistic planning and design etc. Also,he is now carrying on and has accomplished several significant research projectsas:

lNationalNatural Science Foundation of China (2),

lDoctoralTutor foundation offered by Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic ofChina (1),

lProjectoffered by Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’sRepublic of China (1),

lJiangsu“Qin-Lan” project for college teachers (2),

lSoutheastExcellent Youth teacher research assistant project (1),

l“863”project of China (Several),

lProvincialand Municipal Traffic Planning Project (Several).

In recent years, Dr. He has published 15more SCI/SSCI as well as 30 more EI papers in the top traffic journals: TransportationResearch Part CTransportationResearch Part DAccidentAnalysis and PreventionTheBaltic Journal of Road and Bridge EngineeringIJHVSand TRR. Additionally, his research achievements include: 2 textbookpublications, Application of 15 Patents in China (6 of which have beenauthorized).

Professor Hejie’s academic part-time worksmainly include:

lReviewspecialist for National Natural Science Foundation of China,

lReviewspecialist for research foundation and scientific reward of Ministry ofEducation of the People’s Republic of China,

lReviewspecialist for scientific project of Jiangsu Province,

lPeerreviewer for the journals as: Transportation Research Part C, Accident Analysisand Prevention, Safety Science, System dynamic systems, Journal of Highway andTransportation, Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, Journal ofChang’an University, Journal of Highway and Transportation Research andDevelopment, Journal of Jilin University, Journal of Chongqing JiaotongUniversity, Journal of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Journalof Wuhan University of Technology, etc.



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Email: hejie@seu.edu.cn