Xie Yaofeng


Dr.Xie Yao-feng, is an associate professor in School of Transportation. He iscurrently engaged in port engineering (plan and structure), pile foundationengineering and some other scientific research.

Dr.Xie is the recipient of Jiangsu Province second kind course excellence award by‘Port Engineering’. He is the leaderof research on ‘pile foundation behaviorunder horizontal single cycle loads’, the research achievements of whichare in domestic leading level, and the main research achievements enter ‘Code for Pile Foundation’ by theMinistry of transport. He is the leader of research on ‘Jiangsu inland waterway emergency rescue mechanism’, the researchachievements of which are in domestic leading level, and the research is therecipient of Work Safety Supervision and Administration Department of JiangsuProvince and Work Safety Association of Jiangsu Province science and technologyaward (second class, 2010). He is the leader of research on ‘high-pile wharf structure deformationproperties under berthing loads’, the research achievements of which are ininternational advanced level, and the research is the recipient of China water transportation constructionassociation science award (second class, 2013, Ministry of Transport scienceaward). He is the leader of research on ‘Anhuiinland simple port facilities upgrading strategy’, the researchachievements of which is in international advanced level (2014).

Dr.Xie has published more than 40 papers, among which, ‘Behavior and Bearing Capacity of Laterally Loaded Pile Groups’ isthe recipient of Ministry of Transport Excellent Paper Award and 10 papers are retrievedby SCI or EI. He is the editor in chief of ‘concretenon-destructive test’, which is the second part of ‘concrete component test detection’ (Ministry of Transport test anddetection training material). He is one of the authors of ‘Special Technical Problems in Deep Foundation Engineering’ and ‘Practical Pile Foundation Engineering’.He is one of the compilers of ‘Port andCoastal Hydraulic Structure’, ‘Introductionto Traffic Engineering’, ‘PortHydraulic Structure’ and ‘Port andWaterway Engineering Construction’. All these 7 books above are publishedby China Communications Press. He is one of the compilers of ‘Port and Waterway Economy and Laws’ (publishedby Dalian Maritime University Press) and another published teaching material.

Inthe past years, Dr. Xie has taken charge of and completed the research on themonitoring and analysis of water quantity and quality (project of Ministry ofWater Resources) and the research on settlement and stability of pile foundationunder vertical load (project of Ministry of Transport). He has alsoparticipated in the research on high-technology of water conservancy project defectdetection (project of Ministry of Water Resources) and some other researchprojects. He has founded inland gravity wharf engineering situ safety testingevaluation method. He has proposed overall safety test evaluation method ofhigh-pile wharf under horizontal loads. He is the leader of plan engineering ofTongling Port (national first class port) and Binjiang district, and he is theleader of all design and technical supporting work in wharf engineering ofHuaihe River grandest port. He is the leader of safety evaluation projects ofhigh-wharf engineering, sheet-pile wharf engineering, gravity wharf engineering(including box wharf, caisson wharf, buttressed wharf, large diameter cylinderwharf and other engineering), slope wharf engineering, 300000-ton dockengineering, slipway project, lock engineering and channel leading mark engineering(over 30 projects). He is the leader of upgrading and design work of lots ofwharf engineering, research on Yangtze River port new wharf structure type andport and waterway high retaining wall revetment engineering, and some otherengineering.

Dr.Xie is an expert of Jiangsu Work Safety Committee, a registered port andwaterway engineer and one of Jiangsu ‘333new century science and technology leader training engineering’ third batchof training objects.