Mao Haijun



Professor Mao works in the School of Transportation in Southeast University, serving as he PhD supervisor of the Department of Transportation and Logistics Engineering, the director of Logistics Engineering Technology Center, the key logistics research base of Jiangsu Province. He holds a member of the Steering Committee of Road Transportation and Engineering Teaching under the Ministry of Education, as well as concurrent posts of Jiangsu Science and Technology Entrepreneurship tutor, the vice director of The Specialist Committee of Jiangsu Modern Logistics Association, the vice president of Nanjing Logistics Association. Prof. Mao serves as a Chinese lecture in The British Royal Institute of Logistics and Transport with modern logistics management training certificate awarded by USA and Germany. He has repeatedly been appointed as an evaluation expert of Logistics projects by Jiangsu Province Development and Reform Commission, Jiangsu Province Economic and Information Technology Commission and Jiangsu Province Transport Department.Prof. Mao specializes in the regional (citywide) logistics industry planning, logistics park (logistics center and distribution center) planning, project design for logistics supply chain, business logistics development consulting, etc. Prof. Mao has long been offering development strategies of logistics consulting for various government logistics authorities.

Prof. Mao has successively conducted over 100 projects of regional and citywide logistics planning, logistics park and center planning, electronic commerce industry park planning entrusted by the national, the provincial, the local government and logistics development strategy consulting projects for some famous large-scale enterprises. His works includes The 10th to 13th Five-year Planning for Modern Logistics Industry Development of Jiangsu Province, The logistics Park Development Planning of Jiangsu Province, The Agricultural Products Cold-chain Logistics Development Planning of Jiangsu Province, The Smart Logistics Development Strategy Planning(13th Five-year) of Jiangsu Province. The planning projects spread throughout Jiangsu, zhejingAnhui, Henan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Hubei, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Hebei,Neimengand other provinces and cities. Prof. Mao has also published a textbook named logistics system planning and design.