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Associate Prof. of Institute of Geotechnical   Engineering

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Si-Pai-Lou 2,

Nanjing, 210096, China



Fei Wang is currently an Associate Professor of the Southeast University. She majors in Environmental Engineering, and mainly focuses on Soil Mix Technology Stabilised / Solidified Contaminated Site Soils. She got her bachelor degree in Yangzhou University (China) in 2009. Later, she furthered her study in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), the research topic was the Significance of Metal Exchange in EDDS-flushing Column Experiments. After she graduated from HKUST, she worked for a company as an engineer for one year and was involved in the design of a number of projects. She got her PhD degree from the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge.

She is a member of Cambridge Philosophical Society, Chinese Society for Rock Mechanics and Engineering, and Jiangsu Society for Environmental Sciences etc. In addition, she is a reviewer of Science and Technology Books, Elsevier; Journal of Hazardous Materials; Journal of Environmental Radioactivity; Journal of Environmental Management & Journal of Agricultural Science and Applications etc.

Research Interests

lGround improvement

lLand remediation

lThe migration characteristics of pollutants in soil and groundwater

lFoundation treatment and reinforcement technology

lLCA in land remediation and ground improvement

Examples of completed and on-going projects

Sub project leader of Research and   application of a heavy metal contaminated site remediation technology (No.   2016031). (funded by the Jiangsu Prov.)

Project leader of The effects of   temperature on novel binders stabilised/solidified heavy metal contaminated   clays. ($43,420, funded by The National Natural Science Foundation of China)

Project leader of The sustainable   development of stabilised/solidified contaminated soils. ($40,000, funded by   The Southeast University)

Project leader of The biological   availability of novel binder stabilized/solidified contaminated soils.   ($15,000, funded by The Southeast University)

Principal   Investigator of Long-term performance and immobilization mechanisms of   contaminated soil treated by stabilization/ solidification (WEST project   &SMiRT project, $1,880,000, funded by UK Technology Strategy Board)

Principal   Investigator of Efficiency of Metal extraction from contaminated soils using   chelating agents

Principal   Investigator of Effects of worm compositing on nitrogen, phosphorus and   potassium leaching in wheat field(Funded by Jiangsu Province and Yangzhou   University)


Third year module on Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering

Third year module on Underground Pipes

Master module on Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering

Master module on Advanced Soil Mechanisms

Key Publications

F. Wang, H. Wang, A. Al-Tabbaa (2014) Leachability and   heavy metal speciation of 17-year old stabilised/solidified contaminated site   soils, Journal of Hazardous Materials. 278, 144–151.

F. Wang, H. Wang, F. Jin, A. Al-Tabbaa (2015) The   performance of blended conventional and novel binders in the in-situ   stabilisation/solidification of a contaminated site soil, Journal of   Hazardous Materials. 285, 46-52.

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H.L. Wu, Y.J. Du, W.Y. Xia, M.L. Wei, F. Wang, (2016) Remediation of VOCs and SVOCs In Situ   Contaminated Soils by Stabilization/Solidification, Geo-Chicago, USA,   546-556.

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F. Wang, A. Al-Tabbaa (2014) Time-dependent performance of   soil mix technology mass stabilised contaminated site soils, 7th   International Congress on Environmental Geotechnics, Melbourne, Australia,   November 10-14.

F. Wang, D. O’Connor, A. Al-Tabbaa (2012) Initial Investigation into the Performance of Mass Stabilised Contaminated   Site Soils, the 4th international   conference on soil pollution and   remediation, China. Sept.22-24.