Du Guangyin


Personal details of Guangyin Du

Guangyin Du


Associate professor, Institute of Geotechnical Engineering in SoutheastUniversity,

Correspondence address:

Institute of geotechnical engineering of School ofTransportation in SoutheastUniversity , 2nd Sipailou, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China.

fax: +86-25-8379-5086

Cell-phone number: 13605164863

Email: guangyin@seu.edu.cn

Sex: male

Date of birth1964.5.28

BirthplaceXuzhou, Jiangsu, China

Education background

PhD :2007.92010.12

Major in Geotechnical Engineering, Chengdu Univerisity of Technology


Major in Geotechnical Engineering, Institute of Geotechnical Engineering, School of Transportation, SoutheastUniversity


Major in hydrology, Chengdu College of Geology

Work experience

1986.71999.1teach in Nanjing geological school

1999.31999.12A manager of part of the aral sea water supply project in Kazakhstan

2000Present ,Work in institute of geotechnical engineering in Southeast University

International experience

1999.31999.12A manager of part of the aral sea water supply project in Kazakhstan

2004.4.112004.4.20, The 5th international conference on geotechnical engineering case in New York America.

20055 The 2005 international conference on deep mixing technology in Sweden

2011.34th International Conference on Grouting and Deep Mixing” USA







2005.5.20—2005.5.31, 瑞典斯德哥尔摩参加国际深层搅拌桩技术大会(Deepmixing05


Research interests

·Highway soft ground treatment

·In-situ test technology of geotechnical engineering(CPTU).


Five patents in The soft soil foundation treatment technology,

Published more than 40 Academic papers in domestic and overseas magazines,

Internationalmember of International Association Of Engineering Geology And Environment,

The second prize of National technical invention,

The first prize of Jiangsu province science and technology progress, 2015

The first prize of China architectural society science and technology progress, 2015

The second prize of Jiangsu province science and technology progress,

The first prize of The ministry of education of science and technology progress,

Twice the first prize of China highway society science and technology progress.


Research Experiences

(1)National Natural Science Foundation: Reinforcement mechanism and design theory of the resonance compaction method use crisscross section vibratory probe, Person-in-Charge, 2014~2017

(2)National Natural Science Foundation: Urbanization in the process of natural evolution mechanism and sedimentary soil pollution control technology research, Participation, 2014~2018

(3)Ministry of Science and Technology:New type of powder spraying pile experimental study high water content soft soil foundation reinforcement, Person-in-Charge 2007~2010

(4)Bureau of Jiangsu province: Resonance method to reinforce the highway liquefiable foundation research, Person-in-Charge,2011~2012


Selected Publications

[1]Du G Y, Zhu Z, Zhao C. The Existence of Exponential Attractor for Discrete Ginzburg-Landau Equation[J]. Discrete Dynamics in Nature & Society, 2015, 2015(1):1-6.

[2]Du G Y, Li H T, Liu S Y, et al. Analysis of effect mechanism on soils between piles in dry jet mixing construction[J]. Journal of Southeast University, 2010, 40(4):835-839.

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[13]Cai, Guo-Jun, Liu, Song-Yu, Tong, Li-Yuan, Du, Guang-YinPredictions of the OCR from Piezocone Tests in Quaternary Clays[J]. MARINE GEORESOURCES & GEOTECHNOLOGY, 2010, 28(2):91-104.

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